Novak-M Stretcher X – Electric

… best solution for positioning, transport and X-ray examination of emergency patients

Stretcher X electric

The Novak-M Electric Stretcher X versatility allows you to adjust the height easily and smoothly by pressing the foot switch. The battery, which has a capacity of approx. 60 height adjustments, is very reliable. The LED display shows remaining capacity and includes a low power indicator. The low weight battery is also easy to remove and attach with a snap system. Additional back-up batteries are available.

battery charger included (free of charge)
3 years battery warranty

Easy to adjust

You can quickly adjust height of Stretcher X by electrically operated foot switchesHead section adjusts manually, while the model with a four-section lying surface also offers simultaneous adjustment of the seat and leg sections. In short, you can easily place your patient in desired position at appropriate height, also in the Trendelenburg position if needed.
… because when saving lives, seconds count!

Excellent manageability and agility

When moving Stretcher X, the short wheelbase and extremely sturdy push handles providing a safe grip enable you to push, turn and avoid obstacles easily. The side bumpers will additionally help protect the trolley and the surrounding area from damage.
… because when saving lives, seconds count!

You can adjust rubber castors from all sides of the trolley due to the central locking system. It enables the four wheels to move freely, to move in one direction or to be locked, whichever suits you better. Optionally, you can equip the stretcher with a fifth wheel. It makes maneuvering and turning the stretcher on the spot particularly easy.

Removable antistatic mattress

Stretcher X’s mattress with 6/8/10 cm thick memory foam offers maximum comfort to patients. Black antistatic PU material is resistant to blood, urine, fat and disinfectants to ensure easy maintenance and proper hygiene. Two types of mattresses are available depending on the treatment you perform. Mattress with an anti-slip material and Velcro fasteners on the bottom prevents sliding when moving or during patient examination. When the patient needs to be moved together with the mattress, you can use the mattress with smooth bottom surface and handles.

Easy access during X-ray examinations

Due to an innovative diagonal base (EP patent Nr. 3377017), the lying area of Stretcher X is large and highly permeable to X-rays. Now, you can easily access your patient for X-ray exam with classic X-ray equipment or a C-arm without moving the patient from table to table. This innovative solution sets new standards design, accessibility and X-ray permeability of hospital stretchers.

Awarded design and innovation

Novak-M are constantly looking for better and more innovative solutions to ensure our customers enjoy full support and safety at their work.

An innovative diagonal base (EP patent Nr. 3377017) of the stretcher enables better accessibility and X-ray permeability. It also speeds up and simplifies the treatment in emergencies, as you no longer need to move patients from one table to another.

During transport, safety rails protect patients from falling. They need to be firm and sturdy. We developed a special joint between horizontal and vertical rail bars (patent EP  Nr. 3496694 and US Nr. 11110019) to prevent breaking or bending. This ensures optimal patient safety.

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