Stretcher X2 – with caregivers in mind

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The reality of transporting patients within a hospital starts with narrow corridors, lifts, ramps and sometimes very long distances between triage and hospital wards. The key question is which features of the stretcher will make it faster and easier for the nurse to get a patient from A to B.

The lightness of the trolley

Patient transport is usually carried out by one person, be it a nurse or one of the nursing staff. A very important factor is how much the stretcher weighs, as it gets even heavier to push with the patient on it. That’s why the Stretcher X2 is 17 kg lighter than its predecessor. This represents 13% less pushing force each time the nurse moves the trolley.

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In ergonomic position

It is not only the patients who benefit from height adjustment allowing them easy access. It is also very important for the ergonomic posture of the staff pushing the trolley or caring for the patient on it. With Stretcher X2, the height can be adjusted between 52 cm and 82 cm, a range that will meet the needs of staff of all sizes. The pedals for hydraulic height adjustment are located on both sides of the trolley.

Less time, less steps

Today we can no longer imagine having to lock each castor individually. Every modern stretcher is equipped by a central castoring system. This means that all four castors of the trolley can be operated by pushing a single pedal. The Stretcher X2 goes one step further by featuring controls on all four sides of the trolley.

What’s really in it for the nurse?

Having foot controls on all four sides means that the nurse doesn’t have to go to the head or foot end to lock the castors every time. It may not sound like much, but it saves her at least 8 steps each time. The steps add up quickly on a daily basis and every minute of their time is precious.

During driving

You can’t avoid turning corners and maneuvering when transporting a patient. If the stretcher is equipped with the fifth wheel, the nurse, especially if she is alone, will manage the turns easier. In physics terms the rotation lever is halved, which makes turning and cornering easier.

In support of treatment

Experience Stretcher X2 and feel how the focus of your work is really where it should be, with your patient. Your tasks will be carried out confidently and professionally without effort. Contact our sales team to find out more.

Hospital Stretcher X2 by the numbers

Handling a hospital stretcher? Important factors… Lowering the height, positioning the patient, lifting the safety rails, driving down the corridors, manoeuvring… all this is part of the daily routine of handling a stretcher.
Learn about the key features of the Stretcher X2 that make it easy to handle and offer comfort and safety to caregivers and patients.


Easy patient access and ergonomic posture

For a healthy person, settling on a trolley is easy. The problem is they do not need to settle on it, but someone who is being transferred on or someone who has difficulty moving, is elderly or in pain. Then every inch counts. The Stretcher X2 boasts an exceptionally low bottom position of 52 cm.

The range between the extreme bottom and top height of the stretcher is 40 cm. The height adjustment is not important only for patient access, but also for those who examine and care for a patient, administer therapy or drive the stretcher. Ergonomic posture at the right height is important for all healthcare staff.

Safely settled on the trolley

Safety rails ensure safety during transport. They cover 78% of the stretcher’s length. They are 42 cm high, which also meets the standards for hospital beds. The safety rail boasts the European and US patent for the connecting element, which has improved its strength. Our survey data show an 84.5% reduction in servicing due to damaged safety rails*. Read more about the safety rails.

During patient transport

To get the real picture of patient transport, imagine long hospital corridors, the turnings and the weight of the trolley with a patient on it.

Easier pushing and greater reliability

Compared to its predecessor, the safe working load of Stretcher X2 has been increased by 19%. Its weight capacity is 320 kg, which makes it even more reliable. At the same time, the trolley is 17 kg lighter, which means 13% less push force to move it. Considering the long corridors connecting triage and wards, this leads to much less strain on the nurse’s body daily.

Fast and intuitive operation

Operating a trolley can be time-consuming. That’s why Stretcher X2 has castor controls on all four sides, which significantly reduces the number of steps a nurse has to take while caring for a patient. More concretely, they make 8 steps less each time they don’t need to go from the side to foot/head end just to block the castors.

Transporting a patient comes with the cornering and turning. If the stretcher is equipped with a fifth wheel, in physics terms the rotation lever is halved, which makes turning and cornering easier. This is particularly important because often only one person pushes the stretcher.

The numbers speak for themselves

The numbers confirm the facts and thus bring the focus of the medical staff’s tasks back to the very essence: the patient. With the full support of the Stretcher X2, you will be able to concentrate fully on your work with the patient and do your job more confidently and efficiently.  

*White paper: Analysis on the safety rails S and X repairs, data available on request

Novak-M Stretcher X – Electric

… best solution for positioning, transport and X-ray examination of emergency patients

Stretcher X electric

The Novak-M Electric Stretcher X versatility allows you to adjust the height easily and smoothly by pressing the foot switch. The battery, which has a capacity of approx. 60 height adjustments, is very reliable. The LED display shows remaining capacity and includes a low power indicator. The low weight battery is also easy to remove and attach with a snap system. Additional back-up batteries are available.

battery charger included (free of charge)
3 years battery warranty

Easy to adjust

You can quickly adjust height of Stretcher X by electrically operated foot switchesHead section adjusts manually, while the model with a four-section lying surface also offers simultaneous adjustment of the seat and leg sections. In short, you can easily place your patient in desired position at appropriate height, also in the Trendelenburg position if needed.
… because when saving lives, seconds count!

Excellent manageability and agility

When moving Stretcher X, the short wheelbase and extremely sturdy push handles providing a safe grip enable you to push, turn and avoid obstacles easily. The side bumpers will additionally help protect the trolley and the surrounding area from damage.
… because when saving lives, seconds count!

You can adjust rubber castors from all sides of the trolley due to the central locking system. It enables the four wheels to move freely, to move in one direction or to be locked, whichever suits you better. Optionally, you can equip the stretcher with a fifth wheel. It makes maneuvering and turning the stretcher on the spot particularly easy.

Removable antistatic mattress

Stretcher X’s mattress with 6/8/10 cm thick memory foam offers maximum comfort to patients. Black antistatic PU material is resistant to blood, urine, fat and disinfectants to ensure easy maintenance and proper hygiene. Two types of mattresses are available depending on the treatment you perform. Mattress with an anti-slip material and Velcro fasteners on the bottom prevents sliding when moving or during patient examination. When the patient needs to be moved together with the mattress, you can use the mattress with smooth bottom surface and handles.

Easy access during X-ray examinations

Due to an innovative diagonal base (EP patent Nr. 3377017), the lying area of Stretcher X is large and highly permeable to X-rays. Now, you can easily access your patient for X-ray exam with classic X-ray equipment or a C-arm without moving the patient from table to table. This innovative solution sets new standards design, accessibility and X-ray permeability of hospital stretchers.

Awarded design and innovation

Novak-M are constantly looking for better and more innovative solutions to ensure our customers enjoy full support and safety at their work.

An innovative diagonal base (EP patent Nr. 3377017) of the stretcher enables better accessibility and X-ray permeability. It also speeds up and simplifies the treatment in emergencies, as you no longer need to move patients from one table to another.

During transport, safety rails protect patients from falling. They need to be firm and sturdy. We developed a special joint between horizontal and vertical rail bars (patent EP  Nr. 3496694 and US Nr. 11110019) to prevent breaking or bending. This ensures optimal patient safety.

Stretcher X – because in emergencies every second counts

Stretcher X

In healthcare having the best medical equipment to support the personnel’s work is crucial. Even more so, when dealing with emergency situations. The Novak M Stretcher X is an excellent choice to ensure safety and comfort to emergency patients as well as easy adjustments and manageability to specialists. It is an indispensable piece of emergency department equipment.

Stretcher helps save lives

Among the many lifesaving medical equipment that are all equally important, having technologically superior stretchers around is also a must. They are used to admit, transport and examine patients in emergency department. Crucial for the medical personnel and patients is safety and ease of emergency treatment, which was achieved when we designed the two available models of Stretcher X.

Stretcher X for quick and efficient action in critical situations

In the emergency room every second counts. The stretcher must therefore have several crucial functions to help save lives in emergencies. Electric and hydraulic Stretcher X were designed for medical staff to work faster and smoother when trying to save lives. Due to the many innovative solutions, Stretcher X is perfect for all emergency treatment phases – admissiontransport around the hospital and X-ray examinations.

Simplified work with Stretcher X

“For X-ray exams we use C-arm, which makes Stretcher X the perfect equipment for us. All the space under the trolley allows free path to the device, which speeds up and simplifies our work in emergencies,” said a Swiss specialist, dr. Martin Toniolo. He was impressed with Stretcher X, because in their department moving the patients from one stretcher to another is no longer an issue, due to the innovative diagonal base. Not only does the Stretcher X feature patented solutions, in 2017 it received the Red Dot award for ergonomic superior design.

Excellent maneuvering along the hospital

Short wheelbase enables easier pushing, turning and avoiding obstacles even through the narrowest corridors in the hospitals. Standard castors with central locking system ensure an optimal manageability, and with the optional fifth wheel the driving and turning on the spot is even easier. You can customise the stretcher with favourable accessories to serve your needs even better.

Want to know more?

For more information about the available accessories and cleaning instructions you can contact us where we will be able to provide further information or arrange an evaluation at your clinic.

Introducing the Novak-M Day hospital Therapy chair ZeroG – “2 in 1” bed/chair for day surgeries

Novak M logo
Day Hospital chair
If you are constantly struggling with a question, which would be better for your day hospital, a surgery table or a stretcher, Novak M has a perfect solution for you.  With the Day hospital bed/chair ZeroG you can easily prepare patients for surgery, safely transport them around the clinic and the chair will be perfect for comfortable postoperative recovery as well.
Day surgery growth calls for superior products A lot of hospitals are being pushed to the limits due to the over-crowding. New trends in healthcare therefore show a great increase of surgical procedures being carried out in the same day. The Novak M day surgery products were designed in response to these outpatient trends in close contact with medical personnel and patient.
One chair for all surgery phases the Day hospital chair ZeroG was developed to simplify the specialist’s work in outpatient surgery. You can prepare your patients for surgery and transport them to the OP room in the same chair. As the day hospital chair can be easily set into completely flat position, the patients can be safely transferred on and off the operating table. Due to the extremely soft mattress and a possibility to set the chair into Zero Gravity position, patients will rest comfortably in postoperative recovery. The chair is also equipped with firm and solid safety rails on both sides, which guarantee complete safety all the time.
Ultimate comfort for patients and medical staff To provide the best user experience for medical personnel and their patients, the Day hospital chair ZeroG includes a range of smart and simple features. Electric height adjustment offers low sitting position to the patients, while protecting the staff’s health and back by eliminating unnecessary bending.
Managing and manoeuvring the chair is simplified due to the castors with central locking system, two fifth wheels and push handles at head section on optimal height.  
Would you like to know more?
For additional information about the available accessories and colours you can contact us.