Day surgery table S – extremely versatile & robust

Op table altruderm

Day surgery table S is the heart of the minor OR room at Altruderm Clinic in Glasgow, UK. It ensures the safety of the patient and provides the surgeon with the necessary tools to perform successful surgeries efficiently.

Altruderm Clinic

Altruderm Minor Surgery & Aesthetic Clinic‘s area of expertise is minor skin surgery and dermatology. They carry out a broad range of minor surgical procedures removing lumps and bumps including moles, cysts and lipomas using various minor surgical techniques. The clinic creates a peaceful, relaxing environment where patients can be assured of continuity of care, professionalism and discretion.

High standards in all areas

The highest standards of patient care are upheld at the clinic, giving emphasis also on the equipment they use since all together leads to a better surgical experience and improved patient outcomes. They have recognized Day surgery table S to be the perfect support for their minor surgeries.

Perfect support in minor OR room

All minor surgical procedures on a day-case basis at the clinic are performed on Day surgery table S. They describe the table as robust and extremely versatile. Thanks to its sturdy construction and 250 kg safe working load, it is completely reliable providing a secure and stable platform for surgical procedures. Electric adjustment and the four-section tabletop allow the surgeon to position each patient optimally for the surgery. It is 65 cm wide and features a narrow head section with a breathing hole and two armrests are attached on each side. The personnel can therefore effortlessly reach the specific area of the patient’s body where the surgery is being performed. Plus, they say at the clinic, “our patients have commented on its good comfort.”

Long-term support

We are happy that Day surgery table S was recognized as designed and built to endure the demands of the operating room and withstand the wear and tear associated with its frequent use. Thanks to Altruderm Clinic and our UK partner Andrac Ltd.

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