Novak-M Examination tables S for perfect support during medical examinations

Examination table S4

Examinations tables by Novak M have a very long tradition of being the best choice for general examinations. Not only did the tables receive two Red Dot Awards in 2009 and 2020 for their superior design, but they are also the indispensable equipment for medical personnel. The examination tables’ functionality and simplicity are of utmost importance to provide full support during treatment.

Examination tables are easily adjusted and safe for patients

During medical examinations personnel needs to adjust the examination table to allow patient support and the ability to safely move them on and off the table. S-line examination tables can be adjusted hydraulically by a pedal or electrically by a circular switch from all sides of the table with a simple up & down push. Adjusting examination tables has never been simpler, as your hands stay clean and free to focus completely on treating your patients. Also, when the table is placed in a lower position, it is easier for the patient to get on the table and into a comfortable position.

Perfect stability is essential with examination tables

To speed up the positioning of your patients and your work, the S-line examination tables have a strong control unit with new software that enables the synchronous movement of two table sections. Together with the standard weight capacity of 250 kg even the positioning of overweight patients is safer and easier. The exam tables by Novak M stand firmly on rubber feet during treatment. By activating retractable castors that include a shock absorber for softer release you can move the table across the room effortlessly.

Treat your patients in different positions

When you adjust the examination table into an appropriate position, the medical treatment is more efficient.  Therefore, you can choose among two-, three- or four-section tables that allow different patient positioning and can be equipped with a variety of accessories. To help you choose a tailor-made product for your work you can always use the online configurator. Examination tables SXL Plus, S3, and S4 have an additional hand switch that includes the CPR and SOS buttons. In case of emergency you can set your table into a completely flat or Trendelenburg position in mere seconds.

S-line examination tables are simple to maintain

Maintaining high hygiene standards in your medical practice has never been easier. The upholstery of all examination tables is seamless and fully sealed. This prevents the penetration of any liquids and makes it easier to meet the required hygiene in medical facilities. All tables’ vital parts are protected with a durable ABS plastic base cover. Its surface is screwless and completely smooth for easier cleaning as well.

Examination tables S

Diversity of S-line examination tables

Depending on the complexity of general or specialized examinations, you can choose among different models of examination tablesExamination table S with the adjustable head section, a large selection of accessories, and all the above-mentioned features is an excellent solution for every general practitioner.

Its variants with an extended and extra-long head section are Examination table SL and Examination table SXL. The first one allows for examinations in a half-seated position, while the table with an extra-long head section offers medical treatments in a sitting position.

To examine your patient in a sitting position, you may also choose the Examination table S3 that additionally offers a Trendelenburg position. The perfect choice for positioning the heavier patients is Examination table S4 because you can electrically adjust the two middle sections as they bear most of the patients’ weight.

All models of solid examination tables are available in more than 30 different colors from top quality water- and fire-resistant imitation leather. You can choose whichever will be perfectly compliable with your workplace.

Want to know more about examination tables?

For any additional questions about the available accessories and colour charts, you can contact us . The sales team will gladly assist you in choosing the best equipment for your practice.

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