Novak-M Day surgery table S

Day surgery table S

Find out all about the Novak-M Day surgery table S, a new table joining the S table series that won the Red Dot Award 2020. It is also distinguished by its outstanding design and, above all, its flexibility and functionality which makes it the perfect solution for minor surgeries and outpatient procedures.

Simple and clean design

Day surgery table is designed to allow staff to access the patient as easily as possible. The table width is 65 cm and the headrest is narrow and includes a face opening as standard. 

Day surgery table OP

The table padding is 8 cm thick to ensure patient comfort during procedures. It is covered in antistatic black imitation leather. But most importantly, the upholstery is sealed on the underside with welded and taped seams, which prevent the ingress of liquids into the interior. This makes cleaning and ensuring hygiene standards even easier.

Flexible and reliable equipment for minor surgeries

The four-section electric table with an enviable load capacity of 250 kg features a circular switch for height adjustment. This is crucial during procedures, as the surgeon can adjust the table without having to use his hands and regardless of where he is standing.

Day surgery table OP 3

The Day surgery table is also equipped with a hand switch to adjust the position of the middle two sections of the table. The memory function makes it even easier to place the patient in the appropriate position. The head and leg sections are manually adjustable. An additional built-in battery backup ensures that you can reset the position of the table even if there is a power failure during a procedure.

The table features fixation rails along the back and seat sections with armrests attached on them. Any other accessory you need during surgeries can be attached as well.

Day surgery table OP 2

Want to know more about the table?

Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the new Day surgery table S. Give us a call or contact us by email.

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