Comfort medical stools provide you perfect support

When sitting on one of the Novak M medicine or surgeon stool, you will quickly see how comfortably and easily you can perform your work, while taking a great care of your back and health.

Stools help preserve health of medical personnel

Several studies tell us that the most back problems are linked with poor posture while we sit in a chair or a stool during work hours. If you are constantly looking for the perfect solution to protect your health, Novak M offers a wide range of medicine stools for maximum comfort and relaxation while working.

Various models to your needs and tastes

All stools are designed to help you maintain a good posture and still allow you to move around without problems. The castors run smoothly, so you will be able to move from your desk to your patient and vice versa in no time.

Medicine stools for ultimate comfort

Medicine stools are comfortable, height adjustable, their seat is 360° rotatable and available with or without a backrest. A model with a star base may be moved closer to the table. On the other hand, the medicine stool with the round base offers a footrest, thus providing an even higher comfort during treatment.
Five small castors with a soft running surface ensure stability and mobility. The soft padding can perfectly match with other equipment at your practice, as the imitation leather is available in more than 30 colors.

Surgeon stool fulfils operating room requirements

Surgeon stool rounds up the wide selection of products offered by Novak M for day surgeries and ambulatory procedures. Since the stool is comfortable, height adjustable, its seat is 360° rotatable, available with or without backrest, it provides an ideal working position for medical staff. Five antistatic castors with soft running surface ensure perfect stability during procedures.
The surgeon stool is distinguished by foot-operated pneumatic height control. This is a perfect solution when you need free and clean hands to ensure proper hygiene during surgeries.

Looking for more?

If your questions did not get answered and you want to know more about the available colour charts, you can contact our sales team.

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Introducing the Novak-M Day hospital chair ZeroG – “2 in 1” bed/chair for day surgeries

If you are constantly struggling with a question, which would be better for your day hospital, a surgery table or a stretcher, Novak M has a perfect solution for you.  With the Day hospital bed/chair ZeroG you can easily prepare patients for surgery, safely transport them around the clinic and the chair will be perfect for comfortable postoperative recovery as well.
Day surgery growth calls for superior products A lot of hospitals are being pushed to the limits due to the over-crowding. New trends in healthcare therefore show a great increase of surgical procedures being carried out in the same day. The Novak M day surgery products were designed in response to these outpatient trends in close contact with medical personnel and patient.
One chair for all surgery phases the Day hospital chair ZeroG was developed to simplify the specialist’s work in outpatient surgery. You can prepare your patients for surgery and transport them to the OP room in the same chair. As the day hospital chair can be easily set into completely flat position, the patients can be safely transferred on and off the operating table. Due to the extremely soft mattress and a possibility to set the chair into Zero Gravity position, patients will rest comfortably in postoperative recovery. The chair is also equipped with firm and solid safety rails on both sides, which guarantee complete safety all the time.
Ultimate comfort for patients and medical staff To provide the best user experience for medical personnel and their patients, the Day hospital chair ZeroG includes a range of smart and simple features. Electric height adjustment offers low sitting position to the patients, while protecting the staff’s health and back by eliminating unnecessary bending.
Managing and manoeuvring the chair is simplified due to the castors with central locking system, two fifth wheels and push handles at head section on optimal height.  
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Suspected Covid 19

Your blood oxygen level is an important factor in monitoring development of covid-19. You may not feel breathlessness but your oxygen level could be low. Using a Pulse Oximeter will provide an indication, readings below 94% with no improvement is a sign for further care. The link to the NHS England leaflet below provides further information:

Suspected coronavirus (COVID-19):

Important information
to keep you safe while
isolating at home

Lactate threshold levels help enable you to gain improvement in your training ability.

TAIDOC XPER Technology brings you their easy to use Lactate monitoring system. The system is specifically designed to enhance your training ability
This introductory kit comprises of:

  • Taidoc TD-4261A Lactate monitor
  •  Storage case
  •  USB connection lead
  •  Lactate monitoring system Quick Start Guide
  •  One finger prick lancing device + 10 lancets
  •  Lactate test strips available seperately

Aerobic capacity is the intensity you can sustain your workout at. To improve, there is a great deal of research on looking at your lactate threshold levels to help enable you to gain improvement in your training ability.

Glycolysis, so called releasing energy by “splitting sugars”, provides energy through APT for use in powering your muscle contractions. Lactate is a product of this glycolysis. So, a good predictor of performance can be your lactate threshold, defined as when the body’s lactate production is higher than its lactate clearance.

At the threshold point the lactate measurement increases exponentially. This increase of lactate acid in the muscles is when your feel this burning sensation, aches, pains, even cramps and you can no longer continue at that intensity. When you reach this point of exhaustion but try to carry on you risk overtraining and/or subsequent injury. Ultimately, this will lead to a fall in performance and poor results.

To improve your clearance of lactate you must increase your aerobic capacity and subsequently increase the intensity of when lactate threshold actually occurs. This can be achieved through specific training regimes. This is why, regular lactate testing is valued to enable you to find your threshold point, and as such not increase beyond. Finding this point can be highly beneficial to your training program and subsequent performance.

Graphical view shows how changing your training can provide an increase in your lactate threshold, providing optimal performance.

This can be very hit and miss unless you can measure your specific lactate blood level. We are now able to offer this measurement in the field with an easy to use device, the results of which should help determine the best training program for you enabling you to keep in the most appropriate training zone.

Rolling out evaluations to gyms, Sports Clinics and Personal trainers.

Contact us if you would like to hear more or would be interested in evaluating the device.

Available to buy today from our online shop.

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Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

TD-8255 Pulse Oximeter.

This new exciting addition provides Oxygen saturation, pulse rate and additional Perfusion Index measurement. With added bluetooth connectivity and the additional use of the Taidoc Healthy check software this device will allow real time self monitoring and automatic synchronisation of your health data direct to your smartphone.

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Non-contact thermometer

TD-1242 Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer.

  • 3 measuring modes (adult/children/surface)
  • One touch measurement: Results in one second
  • Memory stores up to 30 readings
  • Fever indicator
  • Temperature (Fahrenheit/Celsius)

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Micropoint mLabs® AMH exhibited at ESHRE 2020 virtual conference

Come and join Micropoint at the virtual 36th European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) annual conference taking place 5 -8 July 2020

AMH results in 10 minutes maximises initial consultation by immediately focusing on addressing the
patient’s potential concerns surrounding IVF, while avoiding possible unnecessary follow-up visits. The
pathway to pregnancy can be an emotional journey, where uncertainty is top of mind — so achieving
peace of mind is essential.

The three panels below show messages containing links, providing brochures and data sheets for all the products relative to AMH: AMH Assay, Immunometer, and SMART

Visit the ESHRE virtual booth at the following LINK or click on the image. The registered participant will have access to the booth during congress days until the end of 2020.

AMH (results in 10 minutes maximising initial consultation time). Overview brochure explaining benefits of achieving results in one clinic visit
mLabs® Immunometer patented microfluidic POC platform providing a technical overview together with a list of other test assays the instrument can perform
Smart overview providing a technical overview, showing the ability to perform up to 10 AMH assays together with other assays available