Making Dialysis nursing work easier – Therapy Chair ZeroG

Taking the Novak-M Therapy chair ZeroG LUX as an example, we would like to show you how the choice of equipment can help relieve nurses during their daily tasks in the Dialysis Clinic and help them be more efficient with the added incentive of taking better care of their own health.

ZeroG Dialysis

Caring for your health

The Therapy Chair ZeroG Luxury is electrically adjustable in height between 61 and 86 cm. Before the nurse cannulates the Dialysis patient and administers treatment, they can adjust the height of the chair and armrests and as such attend to the patient without unnecessary bending. Attending to the patient in the most ergonomic position prevents potential injury risks caused by forced or incorrect postures.

On lockable castors

The therapy chair has as standard lockable castors and a push handle, together with the adjustable height these features allow the nurses to move the chair easily, placing it at the correct position and height to the Dialysis machine enabling the patient or nurse to easily access the machines controls or even when required moving the chair down the corridor. Larger castors are also available if the chair is often moved from one room to another.

Patient independence

Dialysis, chemotherapy, pain-management and similar therapies always take several hours. A nurse can’t be present by each patient the whole time. Therefore, the chair is designed to maximise the patient’s independence. The hand switch is easy to use with clear commands that are graphically displayed. It allows the patient to independently adjust individual chair sections in the most comfortable position. The switch also features special buttons for the sitting, ZeroG and extended positions. The patient doesn’t need to call the nurse for every movement, which means they can meanwhile concentrate on other tasks.

Clinic therapy chair1

A very unique feature of the Therapy Chair ZeroG is the self adjusting footrest enabling easy adjustment by the patient alone. No nurse intervention is required, all the patient has to do is operate the footswitch and the footrest can be moved to the patient desired position.

Safety is taken care of

The last feature we would like to highlight is the safety that the chair provides for nurses during patient care. In case of a life-threatening situation, there is a red button on the hand switch for the Trendelenburg position and a button for the CPR position. Pressing a single button means that the chair automatically adjusts in the given position, and this allows medical staff to react quickly.

Equipment that brings treatment to a higher level

Quality medical equipment is designed to support medical staff during patient care. The workflow should be smoother, faster and easier because of it. We invite you to browse through our range of therapy chairs and other medical equipment that can bring treatment to a higher level in your clinic or hospital ward as well.

Evaluation of the Zero G Therapy Chair

Why not try the Novak-M Zero G Therapy chair in your own Clinic. Dialysis, Chemotherapy, pain-management or similar we have available in the UK evaluation equipment which are only a phone-call or email away. Call or email us to discuss all your needs and requirements.

The comfort of Therapy chairs ZeroG

Clinical Department – Chemotherapy

Therapy chair ZeroG presentation

The Novak-M Therapy chair ZeroG bring a new dimension of comfort to patients treated in Clinical Departments. Patients undergoing many treatments including chemotherapy arrive daily to the hospital. Being ill with cancer means an uncertainty and unpredictability and can cut deeply into one’s life. We cannot imagine the distress, fear and anxiety the patients face. Receiving chemotherapy as part of the treatment in cycles on an outpatient basis can lasts for up to 4-5 hours on average.

Ensure safety and comfort

The aim is to provide patients with an environment where the patient feels safe and comfortable.  Cancer patients face a difficult time in their lives, that is why great care is taken about where and how patients spend their time during chemotherapy.  A part of the ward’s equipment are the Therapy chairs ZeroG, which provide the patients with exceptional comfort.

Benefits of the Therapy chair ZeroG

The therapy chair’s mattress with special triple-layer technology foam, which has an open cell structure, offers full support and prevents the patient from overheating and sweating. The chair is equipped with a hand switch that allows patients to adjust the position that suits them best by themselves. The chair also offers a Zero Gravity position, where the body’s gravitational force is released so that the weight of the body is evenly distributed. This relieves pressure on the muscles and joints and speeds up circulation. The footrest contributes to additional comfort.

Would you like to provide such comfort in your ward?

Noval-M are pleased to be able to add a small part to the healing journey with the equipment they manufacture. Patient’s comfort is in the forethought of the ZeroG Therapy chair.

We have evaluation chairs available if you are interested in experiencing what the Novak-M ZeroG therapy chair can bring to the patients on your ward, contact us either directly through the website or by email.