Micropoint mLabs® AMH exhibited at ESHRE 2020 virtual conference

ESHRE 2020 1

Come and join Micropoint at the virtual 36th European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) annual conference taking place 5 -8 July 2020

AMH results in 10 minutes maximises initial consultation by immediately focusing on addressing the
patient’s potential concerns surrounding IVF, while avoiding possible unnecessary follow-up visits. The
pathway to pregnancy can be an emotional journey, where uncertainty is top of mind — so achieving
peace of mind is essential.

The three panels below show messages containing links, providing brochures and data sheets for all the products relative to AMH: AMH Assay, Immunometer, and SMART

Visit the ESHRE virtual booth at the following LINK or click on the image. The registered participant will have access to the booth during congress days until the end of 2020.

ESHRE 2020 2
ESHRE 2020 3
AMH (results in 10 minutes maximising initial consultation time). Overview brochure explaining benefits of achieving results in one clinic visit
ESHRE 2020 4 1
mLabs® Immunometer patented microfluidic POC platform providing a technical overview together with a list of other test assays the instrument can perform
Smart overview providing a technical overview, showing the ability to perform up to 10 AMH assays together with other assays available

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