Lactate threshold levels help enable you to gain improvement in your training ability.

TD 4261A device

TAIDOC XPER Technology brings you their easy to use Lactate monitoring system. The system is specifically designed to enhance your training ability
This introductory kit comprises of:

  • Taidoc TD-4261A Lactate monitor
  •  Storage case
  •  USB connection lead
  •  Lactate monitoring system Quick Start Guide
  •  One finger prick lancing device + 10 lancets
  •  Lactate test strips available seperately

Aerobic capacity is the intensity you can sustain your workout at. To improve, there is a great deal of research on looking at your lactate threshold levels to help enable you to gain improvement in your training ability.

Glycolysis, so called releasing energy by “splitting sugars”, provides energy through APT for use in powering your muscle contractions. Lactate is a product of this glycolysis. So, a good predictor of performance can be your lactate threshold, defined as when the body’s lactate production is higher than its lactate clearance.

At the threshold point the lactate measurement increases exponentially. This increase of lactate acid in the muscles is when your feel this burning sensation, aches, pains, even cramps and you can no longer continue at that intensity. When you reach this point of exhaustion but try to carry on you risk overtraining and/or subsequent injury. Ultimately, this will lead to a fall in performance and poor results.

To improve your clearance of lactate you must increase your aerobic capacity and subsequently increase the intensity of when lactate threshold actually occurs. This can be achieved through specific training regimes. This is why, regular lactate testing is valued to enable you to find your threshold point, and as such not increase beyond. Finding this point can be highly beneficial to your training program and subsequent performance.

Lactate Threshold copy

Graphical view shows how changing your training can provide an increase in your lactate threshold, providing optimal performance.

This can be very hit and miss unless you can measure your specific lactate blood level. We are now able to offer this measurement in the field with an easy to use device, the results of which should help determine the best training program for you enabling you to keep in the most appropriate training zone.

Rolling out evaluations to gyms, Sports Clinics and Personal trainers.

Contact us if you would like to hear more or would be interested in evaluating the device.

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