Therapy Chair - ZeroG - Novak-M

… unparalleled comfort for patients and medical staff!

Comfort is at the forefront of this Zero G Therapy chair. Soft padding and setting the chair into Zero Gravity  position provides first class comfort for patients during long lasting therapies.

Offering a superior user experience for patient and medical staff, the height-adjustable Therapy chair ZeroG luxury boasts ultimate comfort during extended therapy sessions.

Therapy chair suitable for a wide range of blood diagnostics and therapies including Renal, Dialysis, Oncology, Haematology, Emergency Admission, Intensive Care, Critical Care, Cardiac Care, Day Case Surgery etc.

TCZ LUX 19positions
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  • electric height adjustment and chair adjustments
  • electric chair adjustments with clear and understandable hand switch:
     – independently adjustable back, seating and leg section
     – presaved positions
           *Zero Gravity position, which offers pressure relief for the body and joints
           *seating position to sit and prepare for the therapy
           *completely flat, lying position to rest or for reanimation
           *Trendelenburg position
  • extremely soft padding made of high-quality foam, that provides full body support along the lying surface and prevents overheating and sweating (14 cm)
  • manually adjustable head section with 7 different levels
  • strong and simply adjustable armrests by pressing the lever
  • push handles and castors with central locking system (Ø 100 mm)
  • small footprint of the chair so it takes up very little space in a clinic
  • base cover for simple cleaning and maintenance
  • weight capacity of the chair 220 kg


FR-Z – adjustable footrest
NZP1-Z – paper roll holder
SIFH1-Z-L – infusion stand holder, left
SIFH1-Z-R – infusion stand holder, right
SIF1-Z – infusion stand
LE1-Z – fixation rail at sitting section (pair)
PVC1-Z – PVC cover for leg section
PVC1-FR-Z – PVC cover for leg section with footrest
HRP-Z – armrest side protection (pair)
AC1-CK-Z – antistatic castors with central locking system (Ø 100 mm) (4 pcs)
AC2-CK-Z – large antistatic castors with central locking system (Ø 125 mm) (4 pcs)
BB-Z – battery backup