Sepsis deaths rising in England’s hospitals

Sepsis Deaths in England’s hospitals have risen by more than two thirds in two years. (BBC News)

The incidence of sepsis is increasing in all areas of the world where epidemiology studies have been conducted. Gram-positive bacteria have become the most common caPCTuse of sepsis, although fungal organisms are increasing most rapidly in incidence.

Measurement of procalcitonin (PCT) has been shown to be a helpful tool for the diagnosis severe systemic bacterial infection and sepsis. Micropoint’s mLabs® PCT test provides diagnostic information that differentiates inflammatory reactions and bacterial infections.

Additionally the test results can contribute to the optimisation of antibiotic therapy and can assist in monitoring treatment duration. 

Point of Care testing brings the test direct to the patients bedside providing quick test results allowing rapid evaluation and clinical decision making.

Clinical Significances provided include:

  • Helpful tool for the diagnostic process of severe systemic bacterial infection and sepsis
  • Provide diagnostic information to differentiate inflammatory reactions and bacterial infection
  • Contribute to optimization of antibiotic therapy and monitor treatment duration
  • Improve clinical, economic and operational outcomes
  • Reduce unnecessary admissions, costs and length of stay
  • Suitable for use in emergency rooms, physician offices, clinical laboratories and hospital departments including cardiology, respiratory, maternity, surgery, orthopedics, trauma, and oncology
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